Best Content Creator/Show

Dangerously Funny

Dangerously Funny is a Vancouver, British Columbia based youtube channel known for Stardew Valley. With over 700k subscribers, it’s easy to see just why people love to tune in too Dangerously Funny on YouTube.

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The Score Esports

Launched in 2015, is theScore’s online platform dedicated to reporting news for all major competitive video games and players. You can find them on YouTube, with over one million total subscribers on the platform, making it the leading source for competitive gaming coverage.The leader in competitive gaming coverage, The Score […]

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SQUAD is an hour long esports and gaming culture show presented by fun, enthusiastic, knowledgable gamers with hard and fast opinions… not to mention the gaming skills to back them up.

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Denis Talbot

Internet users meet weekly to listen to and participate in radio programs by Denis Talbot. You can catch him on his podcast, Radio Talbot, on Twitch and on YouTube. He also does play tests and critiques games.

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Steve Saylor

Steve Saylor is a blind video gamer with a passion for creating great content and consulting with developers to improve accessibility for disabled users. You can find him on YouTube and Mixer, sharing his passion with the rest of the world. You can also find him on his podcast, Access […]

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