eSports Host

Parker “Interro” Mackay

Parker Mackay is a Canadian R6S commentator working for ESL and former professional Call of Duty player. He is also the co-founder of POWERHAUS Gaming. He’s known for his casting abilities, and is a loved and respected member of the Rainbow Six Siege community.

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Matthew “Sadokist” Trivett

Matthew Trivett is a Canadian caster and host, famous for casting Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He’s known for the energy he brings when casting, and was nominated for Best Caster at the 2019 Esports Awards.

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Isaac “Azael” Cummings-Bentley

Isaac Cummings-Bentley is a former professional World of Warcraft player who played for Evil Geniuses. Since retiring, he has been a World of Warcraft Arena caster and currently casts for LCS at Riot Games. He’s loved in the community and is known for his fantastic casting abilities.

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Brody “Liefx” Moore

Brody Moore is a Canadian Rocket League host, caster and streamer. He’s known for the energy he brings when casting and and on the desk. You can find him streaming on Twitch, or on the television on SQUAD. You can also find him as the host of the Rocket League […]

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Marissa Roberto

Marissa Roberto has been working professionally in the video game industry for 10 years now. Her work includes Host of long running geek-centric TV shows ‘EP Daily’ and ‘Reviews on the Run’, Xbox Canada’s community show ‘XboxAllForOne’ and Superchannel’s esports news show SQUAD, discussing the latest esports/gaming topics with pro […]

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