Canadian Game Awards spotlight – interview with DangerouslyFunny

DangerouslyFunny, a content creator based in Vancouver, BC, first began uploading YouTube videos in 2016. Running off the growing success of Stardew Valley, DangerouslyFunny began uploading helpful tip videos.

These Stardew Valley-centric uploads then slowly began transitioning to easy grind tutorials and over-the-top crop growing showcases. Thus, DangerouslyFunny began carving his niche in what’s only recognized as a competitive space on YouTube. Since that time, DangerouslyFunny has amassed 1.21 million subscribers on YouTube. It has also begun turning into somewhat of a variety channel, with DangerouslyFunny playing anything from Mr. Mine to Leaf Blower Revolution.

Shrouded in anonymity, DangerouslyFunny concentrates more on the content than being a part of the limelight as a creator. His wholesome videos have been beloved by his audience. As such, he was awarded Best Content Creator during the first annual Canadian Game Awards.

We sat down with DangerouslyFunny to talk about being a Canadian creator and the way he approaches his content.

Steve: The DangerouslyFunny channel saw a lot of rising success partly due to your commentary and content creation surrounding Stardew Valley. What was it about the game that pulled you in?

DF: I was a big fan of the Harvest Moon franchise growing up, so Stardew Valley was definitely a natural fit. It’s a phenomenal game overall that’s both very simple and very deep at the same time. It can be played casually, but also has the potential for some big ridiculous ideas which I always found amusing.

Steve: The channel has since seen a transition into playing games that are a bit more off the radar. Has this helped you experiment with the direction of your content?

DF: Yeah, it’s always interesting to see what kind of games and content appeal to the viewers. I like to always experiment with different content, and sometimes the strange games push me in directions I never would have otherwise considered. Sometimes the things that I think people will find boring receive completely the opposite reaction, which is why experimenting is important.

Steve: It takes a lot of skill to not only continuously provide comedic content, but also keep it engaging for new audiences. What does that balance and philosophy look like to you?

DF: It’s a grind to put it simply. I guess it’s really just constantly experimenting and learning what’s working and what isn’t. It’s definitely incredibly tough to keep up with quality content while learning and evolving along the way, plus trying to plan for future content. I often feel like I could use an extra 30 hours every day.

Steve: How has content creation impacted your life these past few years?

DF: It’s had a huge impact on my life, since it basically is my life now. It occupies the majority of my time. When I started it was simple enough to live my day to day life while uploading once in a while. Once I started into higher quality uploads and daily uploads, my life really started to just be content creation and everything outside of that was an afterthought. Luckily I have since reflected on it all and found a healthier balance.

Steve: Have you experienced any challenges or advantages associated with being a Canadian content creator? Have you been able to collaborate with other Canadian creators?

DF: People seem to like the accent sometimes, so I guess that’s a positive. I have a few times collaborated with other Canadian creators, but it was in a group setting and not necessarily a direct collaboration.

Steve: What was your reaction to winning the best content creator at the Canadian Game Awards?

DF: I was wondering why my girlfriend was laughing at me since I maybe missed that moment. I tend to live in my own little bubble sometimes. I’m definitely surprised and humbled, considering there are a lot of great Canadian creators out there putting out tons of great content.

Steve: Do you have any significant plans or updates on the horizon in 2021?

DF: My plans are really just to keep putting out the content while improving as much as I can along the way.

We would like to sincerely thank DangerouslyFunny for taking the time to chat with us.