Introducing the Winners of the 2022 Canadian Game Awards

It’s with our great pleasure to reveal the winners of the 2022 Canadian Game Awards. The nominations were put together earlier this year by our Selection Committee. Our Judging Committee, which is comprised of various members of the gaming industry, voted on the winners of each category. The Canadian Game Awards was live-streamed on Twitch. […]

Introducing the Winners of the 2022 Canadian Indie Game Awards

This year, we were able to spotlight the amazing indie games and creators of the Canadian gaming industry. The first ever Canadian Indie Game Awards were held and we had the chance to give out awards in 14 categories of excellence. Thanks to the CIGA Selection Committee and Judging Committees, each comprised of industry leaders […]

How to watch the 2022 Canadian Game Awards and Canadian Indie Game Awards

Mark your calendars as the 2022 Canadian Game Awards and Canadian Indie Game Awards are right around the corner. Join us on April 7 and April 8 for two back-to-back awards shows dedicated to Canadian games, the people who make them, and the voices they amplify to help make the industry better. On Thursday, April […]

Announcing the 2022 Canadian Game Awards Nominees

The 2022 Canadian Game Awards is right around the corner and we are ready to lift the curtain on this year’s nominees. Our Selection Committee worked hard to narrow down the list of incredible games, developers, and personalities in Canada. Over the past year, we saw a great number of newly developed games from talented […]

How to apply to become a Committee Member for the 2022 Canadian Game Awards

This year, we’re looking to bring on more diverse and knowledgeable voices to the Canadain Game Awards committee. Applications to become a selection and judging committee member are currently open. Each year, the Canadian Game Awards works with a pool of experienced professionals within the video game industry to help select and judge the final […]

How to submit a nomination for the 2022 Canadian Game Awards

We are pleased to announce that the nominee applications for the 2022 Canadian Game Awards are now open. Ahead of this year’s Canadian Game Awards, category submissions are now open. Those eligible are encouraged to submit a nomination for the person, studio, or game they represent through the official nominee application form. The application deadline […]

Canadian Game Awards Partner Spotlight – DigiBC

While we prepare for next year’s award show, we’re continuing to spotlight our incredible partners that have and continue to support the Canadian Game Awards. Today’s spotlight is directed at DigiBC – The Creative Technology Association of British Columbia. Since 2010, DigiBC and its members have advocated for and supported digital media in Canada. From video […]

Canadian Game Awards Partner Spotlight – Interactive Ontario

As we continue to wind down from the 2021 Canadian Game Awards, we wanted to highlight one of our many partners who make the award show possible. Interactive Ontario’s contribution is not only met through the Canadian Game Awards, but also the Canadian gaming industry as a whole. Interactive Ontario is a not-for-profit trade association, […]

Canadian Game Awards Spotlight – interview with Spiritfarer’s Nicolas Guérin

In 2020, Thunder Lotus Games, a Montreal-based indie studio, debuted its third game: Spiritfarer. Tackling heavy topics like the loss of a loved one, Spiritfarer balances its themes with a remarkable art style and soundtrack. It’s a whimsical game that has delighted players since its launch, and has amassed quite a bit of positive reception. […]