Fire Face Corporation announces Radio Viscera, a unique indie shooter coming to Steam Q3 2021

Ottawa-based studio Fire Face Corporation, helmed and solely operated by developer Owen Deery, has announced bulletless shooter Radio Viscera will be available on Steam Q3 2021.

Fire Face has partnered with Alliance Games to publish Radio Viscera, which is described as a top-down arcade shooter. Though, Deery is adding a unique twist to the genre. Radio Viscera is a “brutal but bulletless” game that features fast-paced combat using “a physics-based air-powered excavation device.” The studio goes on to describe how walls can be used to ram opponents through to build combos.

Players will assume the role of a captive escaping a satanic Y2K cult’s compound. Armed with an air-powered propulsion device, players will blast their way through walls and other obstacles to make their way through the levels. Deery has put together a myriad of creative environments that are ripe for destruction. Enemies can be blown back into deadly machines where they’ll meet their gory end.

Touching on the release update, Deery said: “I’m delirious about finally being able to show off this crazy thing I’ve been working on for 3 years.” Deery continues, “I’ve poured a ton of creative energy into this project and it’s become the most complex and frenetic game I’ve ever made. I think anyone who likes chaotic action and exploding body parts will have a good time with it.”

Radio Viscera also includes an internal GIF-creation tool. Players can capture the on-screen action and save an exciting moment for themselves, or share it on social media. 

“We’re delighted to not only be adding such a unique game to our roster, but also have such an incredibly talented developer releasing their game under our label,” said Nathan Gelman, Director of Publishing at Alliance Games. “That all of this has come from a one-person developer blows us away and we’re really excited for people to finally see it”.

Radio Viscera is now available to wishlist on Steam. For additional updates, players are encouraged to keep up with Fire Face on Twitter