How to apply to become a Committee Member for the 2022 Canadian Game Awards

This year, we’re looking to bring on more diverse and knowledgeable voices to the Canadain Game Awards committee. Applications to become a selection and judging committee member are currently open.

Each year, the Canadian Game Awards works with a pool of experienced professionals within the video game industry to help select and judge the final nominations for the awards show in an unbiased fashion. For the first time ever, those interested in volunteering to be a part of the process can apply now. If selected, you would join either the Selection Committee or the Judging Committee.

To apply, please complete the application form. Deadline closes on January 26 at 12 PM ET.

Members of the Selection Committee will go through the nominations and select the group of finalists in over 20 categories for the Canadian Game Awards and the new 2022 Canadian Indie Game Awards. The Selection Committee will work on choosing finalists throughout February.

Following the Selection Committee’s work, the Judging Committee will step in and select the winner of each category. Throughout March, the Judging Committee will ensure that winners are chosen unbiasedly.

Please note that applicants must:

  • Not have worked with a gaming studio or developer that has released a game in 2021.
  • Have working experience and knowledge in esports, content creation, and game development.
  • Have Canadian citizenship.

The Canadian Game Awards will have additional updates and details for the award show in the near future. You can also follow the Canadian Game Awards on Twitter for more info.