To be eligible as a 2022 CIGA nominee

  • Must have Canadian citizenship or permanent residence
  • Developer has to be Canadian or at least have > 51% of the game developed in Canada  or a studio spearheading the project based in Canada without the financial or technical support of major game companies or studios.
  • Game was released between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021
  • Ports are not eligible unless it’s a new version with extra content developed by the Canadian studio in the year of 2021
  • Early access games are only eligible if the game is available to the general public
  • Audio studios, composers, actors, etc. are able to submit their work for consideration (ie. A Canadian actor playing in a game made in the US can apply)
  • Studio must be < 50 full-time equivalents
  • DLC and all extra content are eligible as long as it was released in 2021