Judging & Selection Committee Application

Apply to be a committee member for the 2023 Canadian Game Awards and 2023 Indie Game Awards!

Thank you so much for your interest in helping us as a Selection or Judging Committee member for the 2023 Canadian Game Awards! Below you’ll find some questions we need you to answer in order for us to get to know you.

Please take the time to answer them thoroughly as we want to ensure we have the best possible group for the committees. This is a volunteer position that allows you to have a significant role in Canada’s most important video game awards show.

Note: There are 3 divisions in a committee: Game Developers, Esports, and Content Creators. We are looking for those who are experienced in a specific division to assist with selecting and judging nominees.

Game Developers: Best Art Direction / Game Design / Score & Soundtrack / Performance / Narrative / Audio Design
Esports: Best Esports Player / Esports Host / Esports Organization / Esports Event / Esports Coach
Content Creators: Best Content Creator & Show / Streamer / Personality

All Divisions will also select or judge: Best PC Game / Console Game / Mobile Game / VR & AR Game / Debut Indie Game / Indie Game / Studio of the Year / Game of the Year

Selection and Judging Committee Members will partake in the adjudication for BOTH Canadian Game Awards and Indie Game Awards


Committee Member Applications close on November 31, 2022 at 12PM EST

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