EKO – Katherine Levac, Journey to the Savage Planet
EKO – Katherine Levac, Journey to the Savage Planet
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EKO is an automated voice and character who voices the Javelin. 

The voice of EKO is none other than Katherine Levac, who is a reputable French-Canadian comedian and actor.

In 2014, Katherine Levac won the final of En route vers mon premier gala Juste pour rire, she presented a number at the gala Les rejetsShe also presented at several shows as part of the Zoofest  : Champagne May West , Kat and Jay, part 1 and Harry Potter show . She also won the Artist of the Year award.

At the Gala Les Olivier 2015, Katherine Levac won the Discovery of the Year trophy . She is the first woman to win in this category.

Katherine Levac is part of the house comedy troupe of the Quebec adaptation of Saturday Night Live  : SNL Quebec. It is thanks to SNL Quebec that Paidge Beaulieu, a Franco-Ontarian character imagined by Katherine Levac, became known to the general public.

Katherine’s contribution to EKO in Journey to the Savage Planet has helped award EKO in being a nominee for Best Performance.

Nominated in:
Best Performance