Josh "Jatt" Leesman
Josh “Jatt” Leesman
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Josh “Jatt” Leesman is a seasoned esports professional who made a name for himself as a League of Legends player, shoutcaster, and coach. He is the current head coach of Team Liquid, and runs his own podcast on YouTube, JLXP, dedicated to all things League of Legends, esports, and Riot Games.

In 2011, Jatt developed a friendship with the support player on team Dignitas where he would occasionally fill in. They eventually asked him to join where the team would go on to qualify for the 2011 World Cyber Games. After being eliminated from the tournament, Jatt commentated a semi-final matchup. To this point, no pro players had been casting in the booth which made Jatt a pioneer in the League of Legends community Jatt’s official casting career.

In 2012, Jatt began his casting career in the IGN Pro League Season 5. Flashforward to 2020 where Leesman saw himself casting one of the most shocking LCS results in March where we saw Team Liquid finished 9th at LCS Spring Split. At the time, Leesman was unsure on how TL would move forward. It was these finishes that led Team Liquid to search for a new coach. At that point, Leesman was one of the most prominent figures in League of Legends, having earned a reputation for his compelling stats-driven analysis during his eight-year shout casting career. Josh’s hiring was also due to his ability to create better communication between players and the coaching staff.

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