Slugterra VR
Slugterra VR
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Slugterra VR presents a fast-paced, competitive, team-focused arena-shooter, which brings a massively popular animated television series property to the HOLOGATE ARENA VR platform. The TV series originally aired on Disney XD and featured 63 episodes across 6 seasons, spawning 5 movies and 80 online “Slugisodes” which have been viewed over 2 Billion times across YouTube. On top of that, Slugterra mobile games have over 45 million total downloads.

Revolving around the competitive game of Slug-Slinging, Slugterra is likened to “POKÉMON with BLASTERS”, making it a hit with families and friends looking for a fun game suitable for all ages and all skill levels. Yet, with its easy to play but hard to master class-based characters, and hundreds of possible ability combos available in cooperative team play, Slugterra is also the perfect addition for operators who are looking to add esports tournaments to their location.

Nominated in:
Best VR/AR Game
Developer: Dark Slope Studios
Publisher: Hologate
Development Province: Ontario