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Enter into a world thick with bubbling psychedelia. Descend deep into a new ecology teeming with multiple pathways, luminous levels, and complex obstacles. Transcend the material realm and assume your true form as Spinch, a hyper-agile organism consumed by the quest to rescue its litter of  missing offspring from an endless invasion of misshapen and malformed offbeats and oddities.

The world of Spinch has been crafted and brought to life by talented award-winning Canadian cartoonist, Jesse Jacobs, known for his precise and detailed line work in combination with bold and simple color palettes. His works contain an affiliation with psychedelia, spirituality, alternate realities, and a blending of nature with technology. James Kirkpatrick, well known for his participation in the early Canadian graffiti movement and as avant-garde hip-hop artist, Thesis Sahib, created the audio landscape of retro soundbites and electronic sounds found within Spinch.

Nominated in:
Best Art Direction
Developer: Queen Bee Games
Publisher: Akupara Games
Release date: 2020-09-03
Development Province: Prince Edward Islanda
ESRB Rating: E - Everyone