Transformers VR Battle Arena
Transformers VR Battle Arena
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A new and exciting way to interact and engage with the Transformers franchise has opened thanks to global play and entertainment company, Hasbro Inc.  and upstart game studio, Minority Media. The two have collaborated to bring the Transformers franchise to life through an immersive, virtual reality, 4-person, player vs. player game: Transformers VS Battle Arena.

The game begins following the shattering of the powerful Allspark that scatters pieces of it across the world. Players collect Allspark shard power-ups found traversing the environments by defeating other Cybertronians in order to collect theirs. Whoever has the most shards at the end wins. The experience initially features three different epic-scale environments that has players crashing through a downtown cityscape, slugging it out in a refinery, and taking the fight to the docks.

Nominated in:
Best VR/AR Game
Developer: Minority Media