Selection commitee

A Selection Committee was put in place to choose the finalists in each category, as well as assure transparent awards process.  

Thereafter, the Judging Committee will score each game in order to select and crown the winner of each category.

In cases where a Member of the Selection Committee was eligible to be nominated in a category, the Member obstained from voting in that category.

Marc Saltzman

Marc Saltzman is a prolific freelance journalist who contributes to more than 20 publications (including USA TODAY/MSN, Toronto Star, Costco Connection, Readers Digest, and AARP), a 16-time author, radio and podcast host, and public speaker. Marc specializes in consumer electronics, interactive entertainment, automotive innovations, and future trends. Follow him on Instagram @marcsaltzman or Twitter @marc_saltzman

Miki Ljulidurovic

Miki Ljuljdurovic (xwater) is a thriving canadian gaming content creator. Known for completing intense gaming challenges such as the Super Mario All Stars Trilogy Damageless, xwater brings an upbeat and determined mindset to the content space. His work also focuses on highlighting the gaming world. From his now retired video gaming news and history podcasts (Warp World Podcast and Warp World Historians Respectively) to his bi-weekly indie game showcase GameWave, xwater puts an incredible amount of passion and energy into making the gaming space a more full and fun place.

Samantha Cabitac

I'm Samantha Cabitac and I'm currently working at Hyper Hippo Entertainment as a Product Marketing Manager. I have 6 years experience working in the esports and game industry. I started in the collegiate esports space with my university then moved towards working at TESPA (Blizzard Entertainment's Collegiate program), MSI Canada, Vancouver Titans and Seattle Surge.

Stephanie Greenall

Stephanie co-produced VRTO - The International Symposium on Immersive Arts & Technologies and FIVARS - Festival of International Virtual & Augmented Reality Stories, advocated for the IDM industry with Interactive Ontario, acted as selection committee/judge for Canada Game Awards, VR Rhythm League, and FIRST Robotics Canada, and has consulted on projects and programs for universities including, U of T, York, Schulich School of Business, and Harvard.

Raphael Bennett

Raphael Bennett is the Content Director for the Odyssey Group at Valnet, which includes TheGamer, Game Rant, and DualShockers. He’s been working in the world of games media since 2013, and loves to talk about games of all shapes and sizes — they’re the best.

Navneet Randhawa

Navneet Randhawa is a marketing professional who has been working in the esports and media space since 2013. She has worked with production companies, esports teams and media houses, from startups to thriving businesses. Currently, she is the Marketing Director, Esports at Golden State Warriors, focusing on the Golden Guardians and Warriors Gaming Squad properties. Navneet oversees all levels of marketing, channel growth, content strategy, engagement and more. When she isn't working you can find her casually streaming games, art and cooking.

Paul Hunter

Paul Hunter has been reporting on the video game industry since 2008, first on his personal website NextGenPlayer, and then 10 years as Best Buy Canada’s Gaming Editor. Currently he is the lead writer for Walmart Canada's monthly digital gaming magazine. Paul has travelled around Canada and the world covering the games industry including E3, Tokyo Game Show, Montreal International Game Summit and Fan Expo Toronto/Vancouver.

Jennifer Zall

Jennifer has a unique experience set, bridging the gap between creators, competitors, and brands. She currently is Head of Customer Success at Gamesight, using her 10+ years of experience with creators and esports to guide brands to make smart choices with their marketing campaigns. Jen loves to support progressive initiatives in the gaming space, including creating opportunities for women and LGBTQIA+ in the industry. She is based in Vancouver BC, and frequently volunteers at local events to support the growth of esports in Western Canada.

Haley Macfarlane

Hayley Macfarlane has been in the consumer gaming space since 2001 when she joined Microsoft for the Canadian launch of Xbox. After various roles, and almost fifteen years at Microsoft, she left the organization. With a love of gaming and an interest in the burgeoning industry of esports, in 2015 Hayley was hired to run the marketing department at WorldGaming Network (WGN), an esports tournament operator, with global online operations. Shortly after joining, WGN was acquired by Cineplex Entertainment Company, one of Canada’s largest entertainment properties. As Head of Marketing and Client Services for WGN/Cineplex’s Gaming and Esports Division, she was responsible for the team that managed all outbound and inbound customer messaging and communications including events, marketing, PR and customer service activities. She currently consults with The T1 Agency in the consumer gaming space. She has volunteered with the Canadian Game Awards, serving on the selection committee since 2020.